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MAC Blogger Roundtable: Week 4

OTP: The timing of this game is curious. Do you think the players and staff may be glimpsing ahead to the Red River Shootout next week against Texas? Has Stoops and company been able to keep the team focused on the one game at a time mentality in recent years?

MAC Blogger Roundtable: Week 4

The rest of the ballot is for the most part just teams moving up when those ahead of them were beaten and subsequently drop or drop out of the poll. New additions this week are Miami, USC, and Baylor and I have a feeling at least one of them will be nowhere to found after this coming weekend.

Things were all sunshine and rainbows in Cardinal Nation over the last several weeks. Back to back wins against in-state rival Indiana and BCS AQ conference member South Florida had the fanbase riding high and dreaming big as whispers of a double-digit win season and a MAC Championship began to circulate. On Saturday in Kent, Ohio though, those rainbows faded away and the sunshine disappeared behind a cloud as the Cardinals (3-2 1-1 MAC) picked up their first conference loss of 2012 in a wild tennis match type of contest that showed Cardinal fans a first hand look at the heart breaking end of game heroics by an opposing team that Ball State handed to USF and IU with a 45-43 loss to Kent State.

Whether this particular outing and the nuts and bolts of the performance are the reality or the ghost in the machine remains to be seen. Next week when Northern Illinois comes into the Scheu, Cards fans will learn everything they need to about this particular team. A win means that BSU not only is still very much alive in the MAC West title hunt, but perhaps more importantly, can compete against one of the preseason frontrunners for the conference. NIU is an impressive team with an even more impressive resume thus far in 2012 and a win gives more power to the Optimist Perspective while a loss means the Pessimist Perspective gets another talking point.

Games watched this week: Kent State-Buffalo, Boise State-BYU, Baylor-ULM, Central Michigan-Iowa, Ball State-South Florida, Kentucky-Florida, North Carolina-East Carolina, Penn State-Temple, Rutgers-Arkansas, Notre Dame-Michigan, Florida State-Clemson, Kansas State-Oklahoma, Oregon-Arizona

The diehards will have to push the casual folks hard this week. Maybe a Facebook event or a Twitter hashtag could help. I am thinking #BSU20K or #FilltheScheu, but just make an added effort this week.

This is why it is important to be respected by BCS teams. A radio man and former Miami Hurricane player, Dan Sileo, made an epic rant on his struggling team this past week and took a shot at Eastern Michigan in the process. Given the Eagles first three games this season their defense is pretty weak to this. Just a reason why it is important to be respected by the BCS snobs. Starting with a flimsy Indiana team is a start, but for some in the MAC a start is out of reach.

As the only resettlement agency in Austin at this time, Refugee Services of Texas has been inundated with inquiries and offers of assistance. As of this week, RST which has offices throughout Texas has already resettled 574 Afghans. In Austin alone, RST will resettle 185 Afghans by the end of September. You can learn how to help RST here.

When you fill out the form above, please indicate during which weeks you would like to volunteer. We ask that all volunteers commit to working with us for one whole week (Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-12pm) during the program.

Josh Allen is obviously the quarterback in the best spot this week at Kansas City, which means he will appear on a ton of rosters this weekend stacked every which way. This is by no means a fade Josh Allen argument, but our goal in GPPs should be finding ways to get different from the crowd, and Kyler Murray gives us the level of ceiling necessary to compete with Allen this week.

Hi, we have about 200 MSRoundtable CX5000 devices with different Firmware versions within our business. The last few months we notice that there are devices where the sound so not work anymore when user connects his laptop to the device. This happens randomly on CX5000's, the solution: Disconnect the power of the CX5000, connected it again and it works. There are devices where as this needs to be done at least once a week. We investigated if this could be some kind of issue with a certain Firmware version but we are not able to find any relation to a firmware version. Devices with the older version as also with the latest version 1.5.5029.0show this issue. Has anyone any idea what could be causing this.

Hi, our device RTB001 was working very good on the past 4.5 years, but the last 6 month was very oft presenting reboots, audio and video problems. I oppened the Power Data Box and changed all 7 condensators inside the power data box, 4 of them had fully leaked electolytic and were not doing their Job anymore. Everything working fine in the past 2 weeks. Regards.Advice: This is not a solution and I dont take any responsibility for your actions. Please send the unit for repair to a specialized Service Center.

Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls; children of all ages: Welcome back to our weekly College Gameday review! The show was broadcasting to you live from Fargo, North Dakota, where today we will see the matchup between 3-time FCS defending national champions North Dakota State and something called the University of the Incarnate Word! This was the same location as their FCS visit last year, which was one of the best Gameday editions ever, and this year was no slouch either. The crowd was HUGE again just like last year.

Several roundtable participants noted that, in the last two weeks, employees who were relieved to postpone their relocations back in March are now eager to get going. Employers are evaluating these requests on a case-by-case basis, rather than flip the switch. And they are taking elaborate steps to ensure employees move safely.

Originally set to play the Hero World Challenge last week, Woods was a late scratch which then sent everyone scrambling to Google plantar faciitis. He was last seen on the golf course at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews in July.

This week, I do my video from a far off land named Israel. Can you guess who the picture is of behind me? In any event, I go through some of the new stuff with Google Search, Plus Your World Google update. I talk about how someone emailed a Googler asking for a link exchange - it didn't help improve that person's rankings. Google passes value of links in an iframe. Microsoft may soon make the adCenter console compatible with Macs. Microsoft banned adCenter accounts by accident. The Kindle Fire won't load Google AdSense ads. Google had two special logos this week, one for Nicolas Steno, the father of Geology and the other for Charles Addams of "The Addams Family." Finally, this Sunday is SMX Israel - we are sold out and looking forward to the awesome day! That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Been bingewatching The X-Files for a few weeks now and everytime I watch the show I learn or notice something new. Forinstance, even the bad episodes of TXF are better than most of themodern shows. I might be unfair but I'm not a big fan of newershows.

This week, I toured the Texas-Mexico border and participated in a roundtable discussion with President Donald Trump and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). There, we highlighted the importance of border security for Texans. I also met with elected officials, border patrol agents, and local community leaders to discuss how illegal immigration and the border crisis are affecting communities in the region. The large majority of Texans and Americans want to see our southern border secured. Indeed, earlier this month I reintroduced the EL CHAPO Act, which would offset the cost of securing our border by directing assets forfeited by El Chapo and other drug cartel leaders to fund the border wall. As Democrats in Washington continue to play politics with our national security, I remain committed to funding a wall and securing our southern border.

The great state of Texas lost an American hero with the passing of Richard Overton. Mr. Overton resided in Austin, Texas and, at 112 years of age, was the oldest World War II veteran. He won the hearts of many across Texas and our nation with his optimism and selfless service. His years of dedicated service set an example for Texans and all his countrymen, and his memory continues to inspire us all. This week, Sen. Cornyn and I introduced a resolution honoring his life and legacy. Heidi and I join the country in offering prayers for the Overton family. 076b4e4f54


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