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[S7E1] Same Time Next Year 'LINK'

David Sims of The A.V. Club wrote, "The two-part (sorta) season opener to Seinfeld really feels like Larry David throwing down a marker. You know how last year was just generally a lot of fun, and had a little more broad, goofy comedy? ... For his last season on the show (he would return for the finale and continue to voice Steinbrenner) David goes back to the model he employed in seasons prior of having a loose arc for the year, and this time it's George getting married. The news is abrupt, shocking, and hilariously welcome. ... George is such a wreck by the end of that spectacle, it's hard not to pity him, stupid and impulsive as he may be."[5]

[S7E1] Same Time Next Year

Since James Griffin would have enrolled in the Garrison 2 years before the Paladins left Earth in S1E1, and he had graduated alongside his fellow MFE pilots by the time Sam Holt returned to Earth a year after that

The only time we ever see one stripe on each shoulder for the Garrison uniforms is with the first year cadets in A Little Adventure. However, just like Shiro switching from two stripes to three when he becomes a Lieutenant, we see Keith switch from one stripe to two over the course of the flashbacks in that episode.

The next day, in another part of the city, a young mother is watching her daughter practice Chopin Prelude in A major on the piano, which is interrupted when two police officers show up to inform the mother that they've received yet another noise complaint. Although the guy who filed this complaint has refused to release his name, but the officers say that they figure it's probably from the same nut as the one who filed several previous complaints against her.

Monk, Stottlemeyer and Disher are next seen at Joseph Moody's house. Monk notices that the house is for sale and starts focusing on the fixtures while Joseph's niece, Pamela Moody, explains that she was driving up to the house to visit at around the time of her uncle's death. Stottlemeyer notes that Joseph had a private nurse, Cassie Drake, who said to the police that Joseph was taking a new medication called Tribiteral (utilized for asthma treatment), which she claimed made him disoriented. He notes that she said that at around 10:30 AM, Joseph walked up the stairs and fell, breaking his neck. Randy is skeptical, and mentions that he thought Joseph couldn't walk, but Pamela admits that her uncle could walk short distances. She breaks down crying, and Monk tries to get more information about the house from her.

A few days later, Monk and Natalie go to the office of Dr. Neven Bell (Hector Elizondo), a brilliant therapist and teacher, one of the best in the city. She tries to comfort Monk by pointing out that Dr. Bell's first name, Neven, is a palindrome, though Monk says it's not a perfect one (since the first N is capitalized). Dr. Bell comes out at exactly 11:00 AM on the dot and shakes hands, and even has wipes and Summit Creek, the right brand of bottled water on hand. Dr. Bell fills a glass of water halfway, and gets to work. Monk notices a painting from Dr. Kroger's office, and Dr. Bell admits that he also misses Dr. Kroger, a close colleague and personal friend of his. Dr. Bell tries to find out why Monk isn't sleeping, and when Monk mentions that the girl only started playing piano a year ago, Dr. Bell correctly deduces out of thin air that Monk has only been bothered by her piano-playing for the past five weeks. Monk is astonished, and Dr. Bell explains - the girl is playing Chopin, Dr. Kroger liked Chopin and played it in his waiting room all time, and Monk has only been bothered by the music since Dr. Kroger died. He suggests Monk is buying the house to deal with Dr. Kroger's death. Monk, however, doesn't feel comfortable, and denies any connection between the music and Dr. Kroger. He gets up to leave, but then realizes he can't leave early or Natalie will kill him. They just sit quietly.

The scene immediately cuts to Jake hacking down the wall very messily, only to discover another problem: the primary water line pipes are almost completely corroded, and are bound to burst anytime. Jake explains that he will have to remove the section of the wall he has just cut down, plus the adjoining wall and the half of the floor next to it. When Monk asks about the other half of the floor, Jake says that will also need to be removed.

The next morning, Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer and Disher are seen walking up to Cassie Drake's house, following up on Monk's suspicions about Joseph Moody. As they approach the door, Monk complains to Stottlemeyer and Disher about how Jake is finding problems left and right (Monk unaware that Jake is also Cassie's killer). He actually makes Stottlemeyer promise to tie him down and shoot him in the leg the next time he tries to buy an old house. Randy begins knocking on the door, but when he gets no response, he taps a seemingly random rhythm that Stottlemeyer realizes is Morse code. He taps a joke to Randy, and Natalie chastises the joke, saying "that's not how I heard it," reminding them that her late husband Mitch was a Navy pilot. Stottlemeyer knocks again, normally, and then pulls on the door, which they realize is unlocked. He cautiously pulls the door open the rest of the way and they find Cassie's dead body on the floor, with the living room ransacked.

Monk and Natalie are next seen sitting in the bathroom, each shackled by one leg to the bathtub, as Jake and Ramone continue tearing up the walls, Monk explains that Joseph Moody was the third robber at the depository, and he stashed the money somewhere in the house. 40 years later, when Joseph came down with dementia, he started blabbing his big secret to his private nurse. Cassie killed him before he could tell the secret to anyone else, but she told Jake, who has been using the guise of a handyman to cover up the fact that he is searching for the money.

Natalie comments that Jake isn't the worst contractor she's ever met. She manages to grab a hammer and they try to crawl away, pulling the bathtub with them. Monk takes the hammer, but instead of using it to break their restraints, he pounds a protruding nail into place, because it is driving him crazy. Natalie notices that Jake still hasn't fixed the off-centered light. Suddenly, Monk notices something in the wall. Jake and Ramone both notice it at the same time, and start breaking down that section of the wall. Jake realizes that the dining room light fixture was not centered because of the presence of a false wall.

Stottlemeyer and Disher have been waiting by their car at the depository this whole time, unaware of the hostage situation at Joseph's house. The depository worker eventually comes back and informs them that Joseph Moody worked at the depository for nine years, and he retired a few weeks after the robbery. The depository worker points out Joseph's old house a few blocks away, and Stottlemeyer and Disher see the first indication that something might be wrong - smoke being emitted from the chimney in a very unique pattern. They try to interpret the smoke signals in Morse code. Disher guesses that someone is trying to advertise a soda place, but Stottlemeyer quickly realizes that Natalie is saying "SOS", meaning that she and Monk are in grave danger. They scramble into their car.

Monk has another session with Dr. Bell, and recalls a memory of his father taking him to a football game. Having learned that perhaps seeing Dr. Bell was the right choice, when their session time is up, Monk makes another appointment with him - two hours later that same day.

Shortly thereafter, Chloe wakes up to find herself in the morgue drawer, scared and confused. She starts to bang and yell. At the same time, Clark tries desperately to find out about Chloe's status, and eventually is told she didn't make it. Disoriented and devastated, Clark's super-hearing turns on and is barraged by all the surrounding noises. He is able to focus on Chloe's yelling for help and comes to her rescue, releasing her from the body drawer. After recovering from the initial shock, Chloe cannot explain to Clark what happened and does not want to discuss it. Seeing her death certificate on a clipboard, Chloe rips it off, but not before seeing one for Lana Lang as well. Devastated, Chloe is speechless.

In Shanghai, China, a blonde woman is walking down a busy street. She enters her apartment and takes off a wig. It is revealed to be Lana Lang. She looks up to the moon from her window at the same time as Clark.

A Song of Ice and Fire is told through the eyes of characters who are sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from one another. Some chapters cover a day, some only an hour; others might span a fortnight, a month, half a year. With such a structure, the narrative cannot be strictly sequential; sometimes important things are happening simultaneously, a thousand leagues apart.

Hello everyone! I had such a fabulous time writing my Inside No. 9 reviews last year that, when I saw that season seven was on the way, I knew that I simply had no choice but to indulge into some more deep-dives, investigations, and general recappery every Wednesday evening.

In October this year, for the first time ever, China is hosting the UN Convention on Biodiversity. Maybe this will be the time when China finally decides it can move pangolins up to a class one endangered [species] under the law, and ban it from being sold for medicinal purposes. After all, it seems to be more of a luxury medicine anyway.

It is not an easy thing to put together a coherent timeline for a franchise that consists of over 50 years of films and TV (nine series and 13 films, to be exact). Yet Star Trek, when you break it down, does hold together pretty well for a narrative that has been crafted by literally dozens of writers and directors over the decades. This is especially impressive given the amount of time travel that's been built into the story, as well as some conflicting dates (for example, the Eugenics War makes things complicated). 041b061a72


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