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Mahavamsam Book In Tamil Pdf 26

Mahavamsam Book in Tamil PDF 26

Mahavamsam is a historical chronicle of Sri Lanka that covers the period from the 6th century BCE to the 4th century CE. It is written in Pali language and is considered as one of the most important sources of ancient Sri Lankan history. Mahavamsam means "The Great Chronicle" or "The Great Lineage" and it traces the origin and genealogy of the Sinhalese people, as well as the history of Buddhism in the island.

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Mahavamsam was composed by a Buddhist monk named Mahanama in the 5th or 6th century CE, based on earlier sources such as the Dipavamsa, the Atthakatha (commentaries), and oral traditions. Mahavamsam consists of 37 chapters and covers the events from the arrival of Vijaya, the legendary founder of the Sinhalese kingdom, to the reign of King Mahasena, who built many Buddhist monuments and temples. Mahavamsam also describes the visits of Buddha to Sri Lanka, the arrival of Mahinda and Sanghamitta, who brought Buddhism and the Bodhi tree to the island, the construction of the Mahavihara and other monasteries, the enshrining of the relics of Buddha in the Mahathupa (Great Stupa), and the wars and conflicts among various kings and dynasties.

Mahavamsam has been translated into many languages, including Tamil, English, German, French, and Sinhala. The Tamil translation of Mahavamsam was done by S. Sankaran, a scholar and historian, in 1962. He translated Mahavamsam from Pali to Tamil using various sources and references, such as the Culavamsa (the continuation of Mahavamsam), the Rajavaliya (a Sinhala chronicle), and other historical works. Sankaran's translation is considered as one of the most accurate and comprehensive versions of Mahavamsam in Tamil.

The Tamil translation of Mahavamsam is available online as a PDF file, which can be downloaded or read on a computer or a mobile device. The PDF file contains 409 pages and covers all 37 chapters of Mahavamsam. The PDF file also has an introduction by Sankaran, where he explains the background and significance of Mahavamsam, as well as his methodology and sources for translation. The PDF file also has a table of contents, where each chapter is listed with its title and page number.

The PDF file can be accessed from [this website], which is dedicated to Mahavamsam and its translations. The website also has other information and resources related to Mahavamsam, such as e-books, history articles, images, videos, and links to other websites. The website is maintained by a group of volunteers who are interested in Mahavamsam and Sri Lankan history.

The PDF file can also be accessed from [this wiki page], which has a summary and an index of each chapter of Mahavamsam in Tamil. The wiki page also has links to other wiki pages that have more details about Mahavamsam and its related topics. The wiki page is part of Noolaham, a digital library project that aims to preserve and disseminate Tamil literature and culture.

Another source for accessing the PDF file is [this Wikipedia page], which has a brief introduction and overview of Mahavamsam in Tamil. The Wikipedia page also has links to other Wikipedia pages that have more information about Mahavamsam and its historical context. The Wikipedia page is part of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Mahavamsam is a valuable and fascinating book that reveals the ancient history and culture of Sri Lanka. It is also a testament to the rich and diverse heritage of Tamil language and literature. By reading Mahavamsam in Tamil PDF 26, one can learn more about Mahavamsam and appreciate its beauty and significance.


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