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Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2008 Bengali Movie Downloadk

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar: A Bengali Romantic Drama

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (English: You Are Mine Eternally) is a 2008 Indian Bengali romantic drama film directed by Raj Chakraborty, making his directional debut in Tollywood. This is a remake of Tamil film Kaadhal (2004) directed by Balaji Sakthivel.


The film tells the story of a rich, spoilt girl, Pallavi (Priyanka Sarkar) who falls in love with a motor mechanic, Krishna (Rahul Banerjee). Pallavi elopes with Krishna and soon they get married without her parents' approval. The situation takes an ugly turn when her family tries to separate them. The film begins with the elopement, as Pallavi steps out of her house in her school uniform, leaving even her wristwatch behind since Krishna has instructed her not to take a single thing with her. The two rush into a shopping mall where Pallavi hurriedly changes into a boy's shirt, pants and cap, leaves her uniform behind, and the two board the bus. The flashback, as point-of-view narrations between Pallavi and Krishna, are intercut with Pallavi's don-like father and uncle terrorizing the neighbourhood in search of the truant girl.

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Krishna hesitantly yields to her charm and the two run away to Kolkata. Krishna's friend Ali (Rudranil Ghosh) and his group at Kolkata helps them, and the lovers marry. The couple consummates their union while the mess chaps hastily organize a proper wedding and elaborate reception. The family tracks down the couple and offers to come back. While coming back Pallavi's family separates them. Krishna gets beaten by her father's gang. Pallavi agrees to marry another man to save Krishna's life and loses sense. Krishna took one bangle of Pallavi's hand and leaves that place.

A couple of years later, Pallavi is married to a different man and has a baby with him. One day, along with her husband and baby, she comes across a mad man on the streets. Pallavi soon realizes that the insane man is none other than Krishna as she spots her name on his chest which he had carved as a sign of love all those years ago.


  • Rahul Banerjee as Krishna

  • Priyanka Sarkar as Pallavi

  • Rudranil Ghosh as Ali

  • Tamal Roy Chowdhury as Pallavi's father

  • Gita Dey as Krishna's grandmother

  • Sujit Dutta as Pallavi's uncle

  • Rita Koiral as Pallavi's mother

  • Supriyo Dutta as Police Inspector

  • Tina Datta as Tina (special appearance)


The film was a blockbuster at the box office, earning 9 crore against a budget of 1 crore. It received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the performances of the lead actors, the direction, the music, and the emotional impact of the story. The film won several awards, including four Anandalok Awards for Best Director (Raj Chakraborty), Best Actor (Rahul Banerjee), Best Actress (Priyanka Sarkar), and Best Music Director (Jeet Gannguli).

The film also spawned two sequels: Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 (2014) and Chirodini Ami Je Tomar (2019), both directed by Soumik Chattopadhyay.



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