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Oleus Tadeush
Oleus Tadeush

Before Easter, believers observe a long and rather strict fast every year. It helps to cleanse oneself spiritually and physically in order to celebrate the great holiday without sin. This fast is called Great and lasts 50 days.

Therefore, in 2024, it will begin on March 18 and end on May 4, on the eve of Easter itself. The last week of fasting, which is considered the strictest, is called Holy Week.

Resurrection of the Lord: traditions and prohibitions

Easter 2024 / Photo: Unsplash

First of all, on this big and bright holiday, believers go to the church for the all-night service, where they consecrate Easter eggs, painted eggs (eggs, Easter eggs), meat and other treats, which will then be on the festive table.

On Easter, it is customary to greet each other with the phrase "Christ is Risen!", to which they respond "Truly He is Risen!".

The whole family gathers at the festive table and is sure to "measure strength" by breaking eggs. The one whose egg breaks all the others is considered the strongest. In addition to boiled eggs, jelly, home-made sausages, goose, lard, pies with various fillings, as well as paska, a sweet pastry with raisins, must be on the festive table.

What not to do on Easter:

it is a great holiday, and therefore the Church forbids engaging in heavy physical labor;

do not carry out general cleaning in the house;

you can't walk sullenly, be sad, curse or slander.

If you are asked for alms on the bright Feast of the Resurrection of Christ, do not refuse under any circumstances. Otherwise, problems and failures await you all year long.