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ToCA Race Driver 3 Challenge

The damage model from TOCA Race Driver 2 is improved. Codemasters added additional damage elements for engine, suspension, axle and steering. Tire modelling has also been improved. Tires are affected by being cool or hot and wear over time.[4] The developers wanted to improve the single-player racing experience. Johnathan Davis, designer on Race Driver 3 felt that in too many games "you start on the grid and either get left behind or your overtake the AI and go on to win. We really wanted people to battle all the way through".[4] Codemasters interviewed real racing drivers to learn what challenges they would face on the track, such as judging braking distances. These were then implemented into the game's AI.[4] It supports Introversion Software's amBX gaming lights.[5]

ToCA Race Driver 3 Challenge


For its debut in 1997, Codemasters' TOCA series took the much-loved sport of touring car racing and put it in the starring role of an authentic video game simulation. Since then, the games have expanded to cover a variety of other motorsports, including GT racing and rallying. Previous entries have even included a story mode in which you play an aspiring rookie driver. TOCA Race Driver 3 was the most comprehensive version when it was released last year on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, so it has taken a while for the release of the PlayStation Portable version. Dubbed the "challenge" edition, this portable conversion sprinkles a series of tests and events into the world challenge mode, which aims to break up the gameplay while improving your driving skills. Receiving a finished copy of the European game, we wasted no time in taking it for a spin so that we could report back with our final hands-on impressions.

The result is a game that requires accurate braking, as well as turning and acceleration through corners. Luckily, TOCA goes to great lengths to help with these requirements. Before you're allowed to try any proper races in the world challenge mode, you have to take part in a series of tests that are designed to enhance your driving ability. For example, in the first of these challenges, you complete a lap while navigating a series of cones, which is very similar to one of Project Gotham Racing's trickier modes. Penalties are given if you miss a gate or hit a cone, and you're awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal based on your overall time. Other challenges include a braking test, driving along a line in the road, maintaining an average speed, or making it through a race without incurring damage. If you complete these tasks at the bronze level or above, you're able to qualify for the championship.

The championships are divided up by country or continent and increase in difficulty as you progress. The first championship is the UK grand prix at the novice level, with the US, Australasia, and European events following the UK event. There's also a final master challenge that combines tracks from all four levels into one huge event. As racing fans should expect from the TOCA series, the 36 courses include such favourites as Brands Hatch and Silverstone from the UK, Hockenheim from Germany, and Barbagallo from Australia. There's also a nice mix of different racing styles, with regular races supplemented by duels, the aforementioned skills tests, plus a really cool mode in which you must get a car that's about to collapse around the last few laps of a race.

In addition to the championship mode, this edition of TOCA also offers a series of single events that are perfect for delivering a quick racing fix. The free-race option allows you to tailor an event to your exact requirements, including the make of car, the team livery, and the driver at the wheel. You can tweak everything from the opponent artificial intelligence to the grid positions and qualifying stages. If you're a bit of a petrol-head, you can even customise your car across seven different areas, such as gears, tyres, and downforce. Then you can take it for a test drive and save your setup for future use. If you've opened up tracks in the career mode, they then become available for selection across all the other modes, and you can change the weather conditions from sunny to rainy if you want more of a challenge. As you'd expect, TOCA also includes a time trial mode for solo races against the clock, although you can save ghost-car data for comparison in future attempts. We also like the way you can save replays to the memory card and view them back from the main menu.

If this was a philosophical essay on game design theory, the latest TOCA exclusively for PSP, TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge, could be the case study. Incredibly detailed, this is what one imagines motor racing would be like if only we had access to the vehicles on offer and could race them around the track with up to 19 fellow drivers. For those of us that can't though, there's TOCA - with the added advantage of being able to race wherever and whenever you want, and minus the insurance worries when you write your motor off...

In the World Challenge players take part in mission-based challenges, carrying from winning short races, following a racing line precisely, performing drifts and powerslides, and many more tests of driver skill and courage. ToCA Race Driver 3 Challenge features great cars and tracks such as those of the British GT championship, series stalwarts the DTM and Aussie V8 Supercars, Sprint Cars, and open wheel racing all the way from Formula 3 to the BMW Williams Grand Prix Cars, and much more. Finally, game-sharing technology allows players to upload a demo of the game to four of their friends across a wireless network connection, and take each other on the track. Using full versions of the game, up to twelve racers can test themselves against each other and the track.

The MG6 model was used in conjunction with HEEDS design optimization software to evaluate the performance of the car and find the setup that yielded the shortest lap time. This setup helped MG KX Momentum driver Jason Plato to place fourth and third in early races, and then finish first in the final race of the weekend. 041b061a72


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