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Lazario Peepin
Lazario Peepin

Why is 100 Facts About Space worth reading?

If you still believe that "the Sun goes to sleep", we suggest you familiarize yourself with scientific research and travel to the fascinating world of space.

The authors of 100 Facts About Space provide children with meaningful and interesting knowledge, eliminating myths and revealing the secrets of the universe. This book contains unique information, including the history of space exploration, facts about planets and phenomena in space, and the fun and witty presentation of the material encourages children to ask questions and explore the mysteries of space.

The book "100 Facts About Space" will be interesting:

For children of primary and secondary school age who are interested in space and astronomy;

Parents who want to expand their children's knowledge of space and support their curiosity;

For teachers who are looking for exciting and informative material for space education.

History of creation:

The book "100 Facts about Space" was created to tell children about the unexplored depths of space and to rid them of stereotypes and misconceptions about it.


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