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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Oleus Tadeush
Oleus Tadeush

Actor and director Yuriy Solomin died in terrorist Russia.For several months, he tried to overcome the effects of the stroke.According to the propaganda publication Starhit, Yuriy Solomin was hospitalized in the fall of 2023.Then the artist was diagnosed with a stroke.All this time, different news came from the hospital - Solomin was getting better and worse.Solomin was discharged from the hospital on January 9.Meanwhile, at home he became worse.Previous cause: kidney failure, which developed against the background of complications from a stroke.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay VideoBy the way, Solomin was an ardent Ukrainophobe and supported Russia's attack on Ukraine in every possible way.He echoed the Kremlin methodology in the spirit of Russian propagandists."I am very worried, seeing the ugliness and disgrace that the Ukrainian leadership is creating... I am horrified by the fact that Kyiv is abandoning defenseless elderly people to fight, many of whom surrender themselves as prisoners," he raved.After the annexation of Crimea, in an interview with the "Gordon" newspaper, Solomin said that there should be no claims in Ukraine."We do not claim that Kharkiv was once Russian and was even considered the capital of Russia, which means that now it is ours (from 1919 to 1934, Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukrainian SSR, not of Russia - ed.). There are simply more Russians there. Butno one says: "Give us Kharkiv," the actor added.It will be recalled that James Kottak, the drummer of the cult German rock group Scorpions, died on January 9.He performed as part of the group for 20 years - from 1996 to 2016.


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