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The TEXT function lets you change the way a number appears by applying formatting to it with format codes. It's useful in situations where you want to display numbers in a more readable format, or you want to combine numbers with text or symbols.

You can download an example workbook with all of the TEXT function examples you'll find in this article, plus some extras. You can follow along, or create your own TEXT function format codes.Download Excel TEXT function examples

The format code you want is now shown in the Type box. In this case, select everything from the Type box except the semicolon (;) and @ symbol. In the example below, we selected and copied just mm/dd/yy.

Now, all you need to do is press Ctrl+V to paste the format code into your TEXT formula, like: =TEXT(B2,"mm/dd/yy"). Make sure that you paste the format code within quotes ("format code"), otherwise Excel will throw an error message.

Following are some examples of how you can apply different number formats to your values by using the Format Cells dialog, then use the Custom option to copy those format codes to your TEXT function.

Following are examples of standard number (thousands separator and decimals only), currency and accounting formats. Currency format allows you to insert the currency symbol of your choice and aligns it next to your value, while accounting format will align the currency symbol to the left of the cell and the value to the right. Note the difference between the currency and accounting format codes below, where accounting uses an asterisk (*) to create separation between the symbol and the value.

If you share Excel files and reports with users from different countries, then you might want to give them a report in their language. Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy has a great solution in this Excel Dates Displayed in Different Languages article. It also includes a sample workbook you can download.

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When we want to read or write a file (say on your hard drive), wefirst must open the file. Opening the file communicates withyour operating system, which knows where the data for each file isstored. When you open a file, you are asking the operating system tofind the file by name and make sure the file exists. In this example, weopen the file mbox.txt, which should be stored in the samefolder that you are in when you start Python. You can download this filefrom

We really do not want to have to edit our Python code every time wewant to process a different file. It would be more usable to ask theuser to enter the file name string each time the program runs so theycan use our program on different files without changing the Pythoncode.

this maps the EV_ABS event with id of 40 and 41 (use xboxdrv with --evdev-debug to see the events registered), which is the normally inaccessible "mouse pointer" on the throttle, to first gamepad joystick and throttles to second joystick, it also clamps the top and lower ranges as they not always register fully.

You can also modify the responsiveness by setting the 'sen' (sensitivity). Setting it to value of 0 will give you a linear sensitivity, value of -1 will give very insensitive axis while value of 1 will give very sensitive axis. You can use intermediate values to make it less or more sensitive. Internally xboxdrv uses a quadratic formula to calculate the res


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