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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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"The cube embodies all the sufferings and fears of war. Water is the tears that the inhabitants of Berry shed. The school building is preserved to the smallest detail, with the exception of the central part, as an opportunity to move on and form new meanings. A ribbon curling around the complex - a walking alley - is a symbol of the river and tranquility, "the project is described in the State Agency.

The exposition space is inside and outside - in the courtyard are the remains of destroyed equipment, and entering the building, you can stumble upon a multifunctional exhibition space.

Among the memorial exhibits: places of executions and burials of local residents, the remains of captured equipment, caponiers, places of fortifications of the invaders.

The winners of the competition will receive 50 thousand hryvnias and the right to conclude an agreement with the Recovery Service in the Chernihiv region to develop project estimates.


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