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Download British Pharmaceutical Codex 1973 37

Download British Pharmaceutical Codex 1973 37

The British Pharmaceutical Codex (BPC) was a book that contained a wide range of information and standards for pharmaceutical substances and preparations. It was first published in 1907 by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, the professional body for pharmacists in the United Kingdom. The BPC was intended to supplement the official British Pharmacopoeia, which only contained standards for selected drugs and medicinal products.


The BPC was updated regularly to reflect the advances in pharmaceutical science and practice. The last edition of the BPC was published in 1973, and it contained 983 pages of monographs, data, and indices. The BPC 1973 covered topics such as pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs, dosage forms, preparation and supply of medicines, pharmaceutical microbiology, nomenclature, and miscellaneous data. The BPC 1973 also included a formulary of over 1,000 extemporaneous preparations that were commonly used in pharmacy practice at that time.

The BPC 1973 was a valuable reference book for pharmacists, physicians, and other health professionals who needed reliable and comprehensive information on pharmaceutical substances and products. However, the BPC 1973 was discontinued after the publication of the British National Formulary (BNF) in 1981, which replaced the BPC as the main source of prescribing information for medicines in the UK. The BNF is a joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and it is updated biannually.

Although the BPC 1973 is no longer in print, it is still possible to download a digital copy of it from various online sources. One of them is the Internet Archive, which offers a free download of the BPC 1973 in PDF format. The Internet Archive is a non-profit library that preserves millions of books, websites, audio recordings, videos, and other digital materials. The Internet Archive also provides a free online reader that allows users to view the BPC 1973 without downloading it.

Another source for downloading the BPC 1973 is Google Books, which provides a preview of the book with limited access to some pages. Google Books is a service that allows users to search and read books online. Users can also download books that are in the public domain or have been made available by their publishers or authors. However, the BPC 1973 is not fully available on Google Books due to copyright restrictions.

A third source for downloading the BPC 1973 is Open Library, which is a project of the Internet Archive that aims to create a web page for every book ever published. Open Library provides access to over 20 million books, including the BPC 1973. Users can borrow or download books that are in the public domain or have been donated by libraries or individuals. However, the availability of books on Open Library may vary depending on their popularity and demand.

In conclusion, the BPC 1973 was a useful and authoritative reference book for pharmaceutical substances and preparations that was published by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. The BPC 1973 was discontinued after the introduction of the BNF in 1981, but it can still be downloaded from various online sources such as the Internet Archive, Google Books, and Open Library.


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