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Mouni Sadhu Theurgy Pdf Download

Mouni Sadhu Theurgy Pdf Download

If you are interested in learning about the art of effective worship, you may want to download the PDF version of the book Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu. Mouni Sadhu was a spiritual teacher and author who studied various paths of self-realization, from Western Magic and Hermeticism to the bhakti yoga teachings of Ramana Maharshi. His books are rich in practical and useful information and advice for seekers of the higher consciousness.


Theurgy is one of his most popular works, which explains how to use the psychic, mental and spiritual act of prayer as a means to achieve spiritual illumination. The book is based on the teachings of the ancient Neoplatonic philosophers, especially Plotinus and Proclus, who developed a system of theurgy, or divine magic, as a way of attaining union with the One. Mouni Sadhu presents the theory and practice of theurgy in a clear and lucid manner, and guides the reader through various exercises and rituals that can help them awaken their latent powers and connect with the divine source.

The PDF version of Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu is available for free download from several sources on the internet. Here are some of the links where you can find it:

  • [Internet Archive]: This is a digital library that offers access to millions of books, movies, music and other media. You can download Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu as a PDF file or read it online using their viewer.

  • [Google Books]: This is a service that allows you to search and preview books from various publishers and libraries. You can read some pages of Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu online or download it as a PDF file if it is in the public domain.

  • [Open Library]: This is a project that aims to create a web page for every book ever published. You can borrow Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu as a PDF file or read it online using their reader.

We hope you enjoy reading Theurgy by Mouni Sadhu and find it useful for your spiritual growth. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.


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