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Jessika Bouchard

Wealth Lab 6 Keygen 31

Wealth Lab 6 31: A Technical Analysis Software and Trading Platform

Wealth Lab is a software product that allows traders and investors to create, test, and execute trading strategies using historical and real-time market data. Wealth Lab was originally developed by Dion Kurczek and Volker Knapp in 1997, and later acquired by Fidelity Investments in 2004. Wealth Lab is available in two versions: Wealth-Lab Pro, which is offered exclusively to Fidelity's active traders, and Wealth-Lab Developer, which is a standalone product that can be used with any data provider or broker.

Wealth Lab 6 31 is the latest version of Wealth Lab as of September 2023. It is a preferred analysis platform by expert traders, as it offers the following features:


  • Easy drag and drop functionality to create and modify trading strategies without programming.

  • Portfolio backtesting, money management, and optimization tools to evaluate the performance and robustness of trading strategies.

  • A rich library of technical indicators, chart styles, drawing tools, and strategy scripts to enhance the analysis.

  • An extension manager that allows users to download and install additional features and data sets from the Wealth-Lab community.

  • A data tool that supports multiple data sources, including Fidelity, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Quandl, and more.

  • A trading tool that enables users to execute trades directly from Wealth Lab using Fidelity or Interactive Brokers accounts.

Wealth Lab 6 31 also requires users to download and re-install the software periodically to ensure the authentication and extension manager continue working properly. Users can download the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Wealth Lab 6 31 from the official website.

For more information about Wealth Lab 6 31, users can visit the following resources:

  • The new website for Wealth Lab 7, which is the next generation of Wealth Lab that is currently under development.

  • The forum for Wealth Lab, where users can discuss features, request support, share ideas, and interact with other Wealth Lab users.


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